Madeline Lupi
Actress * Singer * Dancer * Philanthropist

Indie Films - Photos

TV:             The Detour
Title:           Season 2, Ep. 6:  
                   "The Tournament"
Role:           Martial Artist Kid
Director:      Dale Stern
Written By:  Chad Carter  

Short Film:     Emma
Role:              Emma
Director:         Nathan Marcus
Producer:       NJM Production

Madeline (Emma) on set of "Emma" short film.
Indie Short:  The Hungry Model
Role:            Kiki
Director:       Laura Jane
Producer:    Janewood Productions

Madeline (Kiki) on set of "The Hungry Model" with her mom and dad.

Commercial:  MyCharge

Role:              Little Girl

Director:         Felipe Soares

Producer:       The Mustache Group

Madeline(Little Girl) on set of the commercial "MyCharge."

Indie WebSeries:  Sitters

Role:                     Ruby

Director:                Will Hines

Producer:              Mad Pictures

Madeline (Ruby) with Director Will Hines, Producer SC Martinez and Chloe (the Nanny).

Indie Feature:  Carroll Park

Role:                Maya

Director:           Benjamin Orrifici

Producer:         Celluloid Rain Prod.

Madeline (Maya) on set of the Indie Feature Film, "Carroll Park" with Director Ben Orrifici and cast.

Indie Feature:  Final War

Role:               Joanna

Director:          Matt Boro

Producer:        Radiant Productions

Madeline (Joanna), in pink, on set of the Indie Feature Film, "Final War" with Director Matt Boro, on left, and children's cast.
Madeline (Joanna) with Ella (Mary), and Joe (The Terrorist), on set of the Indie Feature, "Final War."


WebSeries:  Kate's Adventures

Role:            Rosemary

Director:       Mario Parruccini

Producer:     Foreign Affairs Films

Madeline (Rosemary) with Bryant (Dad/Mr. Jones) and Eileen (Mom/Mrs. Jones) on set of the webisode "Kate's Adventures."
Madeline (Rosemary) with Agnishka (Kate) on set of the Webisode "Kate's Adventures."
Madeline (Rosemary) with Director Mario Parruccini on set of the webisode "Kate's Adventures."


Commercial: PeTA

Role:             Girl Eating Veggie Burger

Director:        Lloyd Kaufman

Producer:      Troma Entertainment

Photo credit:  Michael Hauer, cameraman for PeTA shoot.
Madeline with Director Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment.

Feature Film:  Toxic Avenger 5

Role:               Voiceover - Girl in Film


Director:         Lloyd Kaufman

Producer:       Troma Entertainment

Feature Film:  Messenger of Wrath
Role:               Three Ballentine
Director:          Ryan Callaway
Producer:        Shady Dawn Pictures
Maddy on set, as Three, in "Messenger of Wrath," directed by Ryan Callaway of Shady Dawn Pictures. 
Feature Film:  Yearly Harvest
Role:               Hannah
Director:          Ryan Callaway
Producer:        Shady Dawn Pictures
Madeline, on set as Hannah, in Yearly Harvest, Directed by Ryan Callaway of Shady Dawn Pictures.
Book Trailer:  Deviant, Book 2
                      (Light Key Trilogy)
Role:              Young Lea
Director:         Jason Roer
Producer:       Cohorts & Conspirators

Madeline (Young Lea) with Director Jason Roer, on set of the book trailer for Deviant, Book 2 (Light Key Trilogy).
Web Series: Sitting on Babies
Role:            Chloe
Director:       Tim Young
Distributor:   KoldCast TV
Madeline (Chloe) on set of "Sitting On Babies," with co-creator Brooke Jacob and cast.
Indie Short:  Life Too Perfect
Role:            Princess Perfect
Director:      Jamal Jones
Producer:    The New York Film Group

Madeline (Princess Perfect) on set of the short film "Life Too Perfect" with her perfect family!
TV Pilot:    AfterCare
Role:         Julie 3rd Grader
Director:    Matthew Delman
Producer:  Delman Productions
Madeline (Julie 3rd Grader) on set with Director Mathew Delman.

Commercial:  Clinique Happy

Role:              Daughter

Director:        Jonathan Herrera

Producer:      7 Line Productions

Madeline (Daughter) on set of the Commercial "Clinique Happy" with Director Jonathan Herrerra.

Indie Short:  Butterfly, Inc.

Role:            Lexie

Director:       Anthony Nero

Producer:     Kinetica Films

Madeline (Lexie) with cast on set of the Indie short "Butterfly, Inc." L to R:  Amanda (Mom/Sara), Michael (Dad/Tom),Madeline (Lexie) and Louisa (Insurance Woman).
Madeline (Lexie) with Director Anthony Nero of Kinetica Films, on set of the Indie Short, "Butterfly, Inc."

Indie Short:  I Want To..

Role:            Girl

Director:       Noelle Mauri

Producer:     LunaDreams Productions

Madeline (Girl) with Director Noelle Mauri (on right) and Rosa Garcia, Cinematographer (on Left) on set of the Short "I Want To."


Commercial:   CarSense

Role:               Daughter

Director:          Larry August

Producer:        Bill German,

                        Cornerstone Pictures

Madeline (Daughter) with Director Larry August on set of CarSense Commercial.

Indie Short: Awake

Role:           Hope as Child

Director:     Lucille Hansen

Producer:   Wisdom Productions, LLC

Madeline (Hope as Child) with Director Lucille Hansen, on set of the short film, Awake.
Madeline(Hope as Child) with Ellie (Hope) on set of the short film, Awake.
Madeline (Hope as Child) on set with Adriana (Susan/Mom) on set of Short Film, Awake.