Madeline Lupi
Actress * Singer * Dancer * Philanthropist

Acting Awards

Best Performance in a Short Film
Young Actress 10 and Under
Madeline Lupi
Role of Alice

Best Performance in a Short Film
Young Actress 10 and Under
Madeline Lupi
"American Autumn"
Role of Catherine

Film Clips

Short Film:  The Ghost in the Darkness (Madeline's Clips)
                    Winner of Young Artist Award- Best Teen Actress!!
Role:            Kayla
Director:       Ryan Callaway
Producer:     Shady Dawn Productions
Feature Film:   Messenger of Wrath (Trailer)
Role:  Three Ballentine
Director:  Ryan Callaway
Producer:  Shady Dawn Productions
Feature Film:  Where Demons Dwell:  The Girl in the Cornfield 2 (Trailer)
Role:              Tiffany
Director:         Ryan Callaway
Producer:       Shady Dawn Pictures
Feature Film:  The Girl in the Cornfield (Trailer)
Role:               Tiffany
Director:          Ryan Callaway
Producer:        Shady Dawn Pictures
Role:               Hannah
Director:          Ryan Callaway
Producer:        Shady Dawn Pictures
Role:          Coral
Director:     Sean Ihne
Producer:   Slick Devil Entertaiment
Short Film:  Emma
Role:           Emma
Director:      Nathan Marcus
Producer:    NJM Productions
Short Film:  The Hungry Model (Trailer)
Role:       Nikki
Director:      Laura Jane
Producer:    Janewood Productions
Short Film:  H7N3 (Trailer)
Role:           Viola
Director:     Iris Shim
Producer:   Columbia University

Short Film: Milkshake (Trailer)

Role:          Alice
Director:     SangJin Ko
Producer:   NYFA

Short Film:  American Autumn

Role:           Catherine

Director:      Albert Moya

Producer:    NYFA

Short Film:  Marvelous Fishman
Role:            Robbin
Director:      Nisan Dag
Producer:    Columbia University

Short Film:  Awake

Role:           Young Hope

Director:      Lucille Hansen

Producer:    Film Can Heal Productions


Short Film:  Heavy As Air (4:59 min)
Role:            Lily
Director:     J.P. Garcia
Producer:   NYFA

Commercial:  CarSense

Role:              Daughter

Director:         Larry August

Producer:       Cornerstone Pictures

Short Film:   I Want To

Role:            Girl

Director:       Noelle Mauri

Producer:     Lunadream Productions

Short Film:   The Pickpocket:  Part 1

Role:            The Lemon Kid

Director:       David Jacobs

Producer:     NYU Film

Short Film:  Fairy-dust Memories

Role:           Young Girl

Director:      Sabrina Jaglom

Producer:    NYU Fiilm

Short Film:  Kinder

Role:           Lily

Director:      Melanie Ng

Producer:    Redang Studios Film

Short Film:  Lights, Camera, Dejection!

Role:           Child Model

Director:      Margaret Jung

Producer:    NYU Film

Short Film:  Make up

Role:           Daughter

Director:      Elena Mudd

Producer:    NYU Film

Short Film:  The Apple

Role:           Daughter

Director:      Remy LaFlamme

Producer:    NYU Film

Short Film:  Letter From An Unknown Woman

Role:          Young Jean

Director:     Yahan Zhang

Producer:   New York Film Academy

Short Film:  A New Beginning

Role:          Emily

Director:     J. Venky

Producer:   New York Film Academy

Short Film:   Heavy As Air

Role:           Lily

Director:      J.P. Garcia

Producer:    New York Film Academy

Music Video:   Where the Angels Sleep

Role:               Screaming Girl

Artist:              Rapper "Styles P."

Album:            War Music

Director:         Fabrizio Conte

Producer:       E1 Entertainment / Koch Productions

Watch the 4-minute Music Video on YouTube (posted with Director's permission).  My scene is at 1:30.

Short Film:   Relation-Ships

Role:           Girl

Director:      A. James Marcolin

Producer:    New York Film Academy