Madeline Lupi
Actress * Singer * Dancer * Philanthropist

Musical Theater

Musical:     Miss Saigon
Role:          Gigi
Company:  Pope John Players
Director:     Mrs. J Burt
Dates:        Feb 27, 28, 29, 2020 (4 Performances)

Play:          Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol
Role:          Ghost of Christmas Future
Company:  Pope John Players
Director:     Mrs J. Burt
Dates:        Dec 11, 13, 14, 2019 (4 Performances)
Musical:    Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella
Role:         Charlotte (the Stepsister)
Company: Sussex Tech Drama Club
Director:    Ms Villani
Dates:       March 8, 9, 10,  2019(3 Performances)
Musical:     Legally Blonde The Musical
Role:          Margo
Company:  Pax Amicus Castle Theater
Director:     Rich Boyer
Date:         July 28,29; Aug 3,4,5,10,11,12  2018 (8 performances)
Musical:     13 The Musical
Role:          Lucy
Company:  Rhino Theater
Director:    James Russo
Date:         April 27,28,29  2018 (3 performances)
Play:          The Mysterious Case of the Missing Ring
Role:          BBQ Bob
Company:  Hardyston Drama Club, NJ
Director:     Ms. Kervatt
Dates:        March 14,15  2018  (2 performances)
Madeline Lupi NOMINATED for a Young Entertainer Award
Posted:  May 1, 2018
Best Performance in Live Theater
Young Actress
Madeline Lupi
"Heathers - The Musical"
for role of Heather Chandler
Musical:     Heathers The Musical
Role:          Heather Chandler (Red)
Company:  Rhino Theater
Director:     Mollie Gash
Date:          Nov 30; Dec 1,2  2017 (3 performances)
Musical:     Zombeo and Juliet, The Musical
Role:          Juliet
Company:  Dover Little Theater
Director:     Ms. Reesa Jenkins
Date:          October 27,28,29  2017 (3 performances)
Madeline performs as Juliet, in Zombeo and Juliet, with Dover Little Theater.
Dover Little Theater's Zombeo and Juliet in the News!

Play:          Rascals Under the Big Top
Role:          Conrad Mooch
Company:  Hardyston Drama Club, NJ
Director:     Ms. Kervatt
Date:          March 2017
Madeline Lupi performs as Conrad Mooch in Rascals Under the Big Top with Hardyston Drama Club.
Musical:    Secret Garden (nominated for 2 NJ Perry Awards!)
Role:         Jane, Harbinger of Death, Dance Troupe
Company:  Hexagon Players of Mendham
Director:     Patrick Frances Mahn
Dates:        November 2016
Madeline Lupi performs as Dancer and Harbinger of Death in Secret Garden, with Hexagon Players.
Musical:     Billy Elliot (nominated for 11 NJ Perry Awards!)
Role:          Tracey Atkinson, Prima Ballerina, Panelist #1
Company:  Hexagon Players of Mendham
Director:     Patrick Francis Mahn
Date:          May 2016 (8 performances)
Hexagon Players' Billy Elliot in the News!

NJACT - Billy Elliot Nominated for 11 Perry Awards, 
including Outstanding Production of a Musical!  
(Similar to Best Picture at the Oscars!)
Winning one for Best Youth Actor in a Musical
(for Billy played by Parker James Fullmore)

Madeline Lupi NOMINATED for a Young Artist Award
Posted:  February 1, 2016
Best Performance in Live Theater
Young Actress
Madeline Lupi
"Mother Goosed"
for role of Beth Nuckerpants
Play:          Mother Goosed
Role:          Beth Nuckerpants - Lead Anchor
Company:  Tuxedo Park Drama Club, NY
Director:     M. McAlexander
Date:          November 2015
Musical:     Peter Pan
Role:     Skylights the Pirate
Company:  Wayne Drama Club - YMCA, NJ
Director:    Harry Patrick Christian
Date:     February 2015

Musical:     Alice In Wonderland

Role:          Alice

Company:  Random Farms Kids Theater, NY

Director:     Anya Wallach 

Date:          Nov 10, 2011

Madeline's cast of "Alice in Wonderland" is highlighted here in this Random Farms Kids Theater promo.

Perform Art:      Evacuate the Ocean

Role:                 Daughter Fish

Theater Space: The Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Director:            Josephine Decker

Date:                 Sept and Oct 2011

Madeline (Daughter Fish) with cast of Evacuate - A Performance Art - on The Brooklyn Bridge in association with The Human Impacts Institute's Ten Days of Climate Change, directed by Josephine Decker.

Musical:         Beauty and the Beast

Roles:            Villager, Enchanted Object

Company:      Lighthouse Youth Theater, NY

Director:        John Fanelli

Date:             January 2010

Musical:         Annie

Roles:            Orphan & New Yorker

Company:      Kids of the Arts, NJ

Director:         Laura Luc

Date:              July 2010