Madeline Lupi
Actress * Singer * Dancer * Philanthropist

Student Films - Photos

Short Film:  Robots & Cowboys
Role:           Anna
Director:     Guillermo Cameo
Producer:   NYFA Film

Maddy (Anna as "Red Cloud") on set of "Robots & Cowboys."
Promo Video:  Something About 
Role:               Lea
Director:          YiYi Han
Producer:        NYU Thesis Film
Maddy (Lea) on set of "Something About Wonder."

Short Film:  H7N3

Role:           Viola

Director:      Iris K. Shim

Producer:    Columbia University MFA

                    Thesis Film

Madeline(Viola) on set of the Columbia University MFA Short Film, "Use of Force," directed by Iris K. Shim.

Short Film:  If Only Anna Knew

Role:           Anna

Director:     Cyril Aris

Producer:   Columbia Univ. MFA Film

Madeline, (Anna), with Director Cyril Aris on set of the Columbia University MFA Short film, "If Only Anna Knew."

Short FIlm:   American Autumn

Role:            Catherine

Director:       Albert Harmony

Producer:     NYFA Film

Madeline (Catherine), with Director Albert Harmony on set of the NYFA Short Film, "American Autumn."
Madeline (Catherine), on set of the NYFA Short Film, "American Autumn" with cast, L to R:  Cleo (Pauline), Zjelko (Jerry), Madeline(Catherine), Ivan (Trevor), Elias (Elias), and Kyle (Michael). 

Short Film: Lights, Camera, Dejection!

Role:          Child Model

Director:     Margaret Jung

Producer:   NYU Film

Production still of Madeline (Child Model), on set of the NYU Short Film, "Lights, Camera, Dejection!" directed by Margaret Jung.
Madeline (Child Model) with Director Margaret Jung on set of NYU Short Film, "Lights, Camera, Dejection!"

Short Film:     Fairy-dust Memories

Role:              Young Girl

Director:         Sabrina Jaglom

Producer:       NYU Film

Madeline (Young Girl) on set, in Central Park at the Alice in Wonderland Statue, of the NYU short film, "Fairy-dust Memories," directed by Sabrina Jaglom.
Madeline (Young Girl), with cast and crew of the NYU short film, "Fairy-dust Memories."  L to R:  Natalie (ADP), Director Sabrina Jaglom, Madeline (Young Girl), Spencer (DP)and Grace (Older Girl).

Short Film:  A New Beginning

Role:           Emily

Director:      J. Venky

Producer:    NY Film Academy Thesis


Madeline (Emily) with Gemma (Lisa/Mom) and Jeff (Jack/Dad) at the cemetary with the gravestone of Emily on set of the NYFA short film, "A New Beginning."
Madeline (Emily) with the cast and crew of NYFA short film, "A New Beginning," directed by J. Venky.  L to R:  Manav (Lighting), Miguel (Sound), Director J. Venky, Gemma (Lisa/Mom), Madeline(Emily), Stella (Monique), and Zee (Billy).

Short Film:  As Love Grows

Role:           Tracy

Director:     Devin Ershow

Producer:   NYU Thesis Film

Madeline (Tracy) with co-star Mikyo (Chris), and brother Leonides on set of the NYU short film, "As Love Grows."

Short Film: Relation-Ships

Role:          Girl

Director:    A. James Marcolin

Producer:  NY Film Academy

Madeline (Girl) with co-star, Alexis,(Boy) on set of NYFA short film, "Relation-Ships."

Short Film: Special Effects Lighting

Role:           Princess

Director:     Candice Kuwahara

Producer:   NYU Film

Madeline (Princess) with the crew of NYU short film, "Special Effects Lighting." L to R:  Director Candice Kuwahara, Madeline (Princess), Leo (Lighting), Mo (DP), Max (Lighting).

Short Film: Contrition

Role:          Scared Girl Looking Out


Director:     Casey Modderno

Producer:   NYU Film

Madeline (Scared Girl) with crew from NYU short film, "Contrition."  L to R:  Michael (DP), Aria (Art Director), Director Casey Modderno, Madeline (Scared Girl), and John (Lighting).

Short Film:  MilkShake

Role:           Alice

Director:     SangJin Ko

Producer:   NY Film Academy Thesis



Madeline (Alice) on set of the NYFA short film, "MilkShake," with her signature milkshake!
Madeline (Alice) with cast and crew from NYFA short film, "Milkshake."  Top Row L to R: Kitanan (DP), Eduard (Producer), Sophia (Asst Producer), co-star Vin (Jack/Brother), Alexis (sound), Michael (Jack's friend-David).  Bottom Row L to R:  Director SangJin Ko, Madeline (Alice).

Short Film:  Mental Patience

Role:           Little Girl

Director:     Nathan Marcus

Producer:   Hofstra Univ Thesis Film

Madeline (Little Girl) with Director Nathan Marcus on set of the Hofstra Univ. short film, "Mental Patience."

Short Film:  The Marvelous Fishman

Role:           Robbin

Director:      Nisan Dag

Producer:    Columbia University MFA  

                    Thesis Film

Madeline (Robbin), with Director Nisan Dag on set of the Columbia University MFA Short Film, "The Marvelous Fishman."
Short Film:  Finding Oscar
Role:           Keelin
Director:      Helen O'Reilly
Producer:    School of Visual Arts, NYC

Short Film:  The Button

Role:           Sandy

Director:      Pernille Hellevik

Producer:    Columbia Univ. MFA Film

Madeline (Sandy), with Jeff and Lisa (Dad, Mom), on set of the Columbia University MFA Short Film, "3-5 Short," Directed by Pernille Hellevik.

Short Film:  Diwali Surprise

Role:           Sasha

Director:      Fabio Montanari

Producer:    Columbia University Film

Madeline (Sasha) with Neel (Raj) on set of Columbia Short Film "Diwali Surprise."

Short Film:  Best Day Ever

Role:           School Girl

Director:      Griffin Davis

Producer:    NYU Film

Madeline (School Girl) with Director Griffin Davis, on the set of the NYU Film,"Best Day Ever."

Short Film:   Sincerely Yours

Role:            Young Violet

Director:       Nick Reale

Producer:     NYU Film

Madeline (Young Violet), with Director, Nicke Reale (center) and cast of NYU short film, "Sincerely Yours."

Short Film: Mermaid

Role:          Amy

Director:     Julie Kim

Producer:   NYFA Film

Madeline (Amy), on set of the NYFA Short Film, "Mermaid" with cast, crew and Director Julie Kim.

Short Film:  Kinder

Role:           Lily

Director:     Melanie Ng

Producer:   Redang Studios/MCCC

Madeline (Lily) with cast and Director Melanie Ng of Redang Studios on set of short film "Kinder".

Short Film:  The Pickpocket

Role:           Laurie, The Lemon Kid

Director:     David Jacobs

Producer:   NYU Film

Madeline (Laurie, The Lemon Kid) with cast and crew of the NYU short film, The Pickpocket.

Short Film:  Meant to Be

Role:           Young Frankie

Director:      Ally Araujo

Producer:    NYU Film

Madeline (Young Frankie) with Director Ally Aroujo and Issac (AC) on set of NYU Short Film, "Meant to Be."

Short Film:  Sant Jordi

Role:           Rachel

Director:      Anna Segui

Producer:    NYFA Thesis Film

Madeline (Rachel) with Amy (Elaine/babysitter) on set of NYFA Film "Sant Jordi," directed by Aina Segui.
Madeline (Rachel) in center with cast and crew of NYFA Thesis film "Sant Jordi," directed by Anna Segui.

Short Film:  God

Role:           Daughter

Director:      Isaac Hoffstein

Producer:    NYU Film

Madeline (Daughter) with cast and crew of NYU short film, "God"  L to R:  Ally (DP), Tim (Dad), Director Isaac Hoffstein.

Short Film:  Limbless

Role:           Little Girl

Director:     Emily Bell

Producer:   NYU Film

Madeline (Little Girl) right with Jordan (Hoody) in the spooky imagination sequence in the NYU short film, "Limbless," directed by Emily Bell.
Madeline (Little Girl) with cast and crew of the NYU short film, "Limbless."  L to R:  Jason (camera), Ally (asst camera), Director Emily Bell, Madeline (Little Girl), Jordan (Hoody), and Alex (The Brother).

Short Film:     The Apple

Role:               Girl

Director:          Remy LaFlamme

Producer:        NYU Film

Madeline (Girl) with "The Apple" and Lily (The Clown), on set of the NYU short film, The Apple, directed by Remy LaFlamme.
Madeline (Girl), with cast and crew on set of NYU short film, "The Apple."  L to R:  Director Remy Laflamme, crew, Madeline (Girl) and Lily (The Clown).

Short Film: Letter From an Unknown


Role:          Young Jean

Director:     Yvonne Zhang

Producer:   NY Film Academy Thesis


Madeline (Young Jean) with Director Yvonne Zhang on the set of NYFA short film, "Letter From an Unknown Woman."

Short Film:  Make up

Role:           Daughter

Director:     Elena Mudd

Producer:   NYU Film

Madeline (Daughter) with Director Elena Mudd and Actress, (Mother) on set of NYU short film, "Make up."

Short Film:  Heavy as Air

Role:           Lily

Director:     J.P. Garcia

Producer:   NY Film Academy Thesis


Madeline (Lily) with Pascal (Dad) and Alicia (Mom) in a happy family photo before the tragedy, on set of NYFA short film, "Heavy as Air."

Short Film:   Ham

Role:            Emily

Director:      Cecilia Delgado

Producer:    NYU Thesis Film

Madeline (Emily) with actors in the spooky dream sequence from NYU short film, "Ham."  L to R:  Boomer (Doctor), Madeline (Emily), and Patricia (Mom).
Production still of Madeline (Emily) in the spooky dream sequence from NYU short film, "Ham," directed by Cecilia Delgado.  She is looking at her tonsils on her plate.