Madeline Lupi
Actress * Singer * Dancer * Philanthropist

Madeline Lupi
"...both Kridakorn and Lupi give low-key, yet winning performances as the close siblings suddenly thrust into a most difficult situation."
- The Independent Critic
Madeline Lupi
American Autumn

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Messenger of Wrath
The Ghost in The Darkness
The Girl in the Cornfield
Where Demons Dwell
The Yearly Harvest
Robots & Cowboys
The Hungry Model
I Want To
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2017   LOCAL Girl Stars in Feature Film  

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2017  SHADY Dawn Pictures Brings Us a Home Invasion Nightmare

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2017   REVIEW: Where Demons Dwell  

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2017   LOCAL Actress To Play Lead in Horror Film  

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2017   MILKSHAKE: A Korean Korean-American American Film  

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2017   THE “Other” Ryan C. Pulls Out All The Stops For 

Where Demons Dwell : The Girl In The Cornfield 2”  

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2016   LOCAL Stockholm Talent to Star in The Secret Garden

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2016   BRAND New Staging of The Secret Garden Coming to Mendham 

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2016  BILLY Elliot Critics Review:  Matinee Sat May 21

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2016   MADELINE Lupi at the 37th Annual Young Artist Awards  

By:  Getty Images    Posted:  03/13/2016

2016   BEHIND The Curtain With Madeline Lupi  

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2016   8 New Movie Trailers You Need To Watch This Week  

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2015   HORROR Stalks The Girl In The Cornfield  

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2015   MILKSHAKE tells a Unique, Involving Story

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2014    MADELINE Lupi Interview Young Artist Awards 2014 Red Carpet  

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2014    STOCKHOLM child actor gets Hollywood nomination, Madeline Lupi stars in 'American Autumn 

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2014   CREEPY Short Film 'H7N3' Taps Into Our Worst Ebola Fears  

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2014   KOREAN Filmmaker Shines with ‘Milkshake   

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2014   PEQUANNOCK Girl Realizing Acting Dream  

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2014   9-YEAR-OLD Pequannock Girl Gets Hollywood Nomination  

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2014   GROWN-UP Anxieties Artfully Satirized By Children In “American Autumn  

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2014   KIDS on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown  

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2013   EXCERPT From American Autumn  

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2013   COLORADO Springs' Indie Spirit Film Festival opens Thursday  

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2013   AMERICAN Autumn: Adult Life Hypocrisies Are Parodied by a Cast of Elementary School Actors 

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2013   INTERVIEW:  American Autumn  

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2012  SCHOOL Evacuation Takes DUMBO By Storm

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2011   STYLES P:  Where the Angels Sleep  

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